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The three ladies were joined by Salma Hayek, Angie Harmon, Rachel Zoe and her husband Rodger Berman, Mary J.

, showed her the script about a freelance video journalist working in Los Angeles, Russo was beguiled by the part of Nina, a television producer of a local news show, “She’s colourful and I’ve never played a desperate character and tried to make her feel human,” she says.

She is the BAFTA award nominated actress and a happily married mother too, she is Rene Russo.

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The couple travelled to the Zurich Film Festival for the European premiere of Gilroy’s directorial debut.After doing the necessary publicity and red carpets they planned to visit their 21-year-old daughter Rose in Copenhagen, where she is doing a course.“Mostly mothers, there were no fathers present, your regular kind-of stabbing on the street.It was a funky-assed neighbourhood in the Sixties and the kids had to raise themselves.It was then that she turned her thoughts to acting.

She took lessons and small roles on LA’s very small theatre circuit.

She starred with Clint Eastwood in In 2005 she decided to take a break from acting.

“My daughter was a teenager and I wanted to spend more time with her,” she says.

When people think about Hollywood couples who have been able to make it last, few list Rene Russo and her husband of 20 years Dan Gilroy.

Granted, Russo has taken a long break from acting and Gilroy, a screenwriter, works intermittently, but they've still survived a lifestyle and industry that has ended plenty of marriages.

And it was my obligation, it was my job to protect her. So women are important in my movies, they always have been.