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Three relationships turn sour during dinner at a popular New York eatery in this hilarious rom-com starring Jason Alexander, Rob Estes, Kimberly Williams, Ron Perlman, Esai Morales and Alison Eastwood.

In HOW TO GO OUT ON A DATE IN QUEENS, a self-proclaimed dating expert persuades his friend (who lost his young wife three years earlier) to go out on a disastrous date; the restaurant's manager learns that her boyfriend is going to bet their entire savings on the Super Bowl instead of proposing; and a bookie confesses to his mistress that he is being targeted by the Russian mafia.

He obtained the throne of Denmark by murdering his own brother with poison and then marrying the late king's widow.

He is loosely based on the Jutish chieftain Feng who appears in Chronicon Lethrense and in Saxo Grammaticus' Gesta Danorum.

Eduard von Winterstein portrayed Claudius in the 1921 German silent film adaptation of Hamlet.

Basil Sydney portrayed Claudius in Laurence Olivier's film adaptation of Hamlet.

The young prince spies him brooding about his wrongdoings and trying to pray for forgiveness, but he knows all too well that prayer alone will not save him if he continues to benefit from his own sin.

If he were to truly repent, he would have to confess his sin and give up all he achieved through it, which he chooses not to do.

“Having twins is quite an experience, I […] Terry Crews has filed a police report alleging sexual assault, TMZ reports.

The news comes nearly one month after the 49-year-old Everybody Hates Chris alum claimed that he was inappropriately touched by a male Hollywood executive at a 2016 event.

It is in Act III Scene 3, when Claudius forestalls Hamlet's revenge by confessing his sins to God in his own private chapel, that the audience can be sure of his guilt.

He is shown to be discontent and unhappy with the events taking place.

Jacobi had not only been Branagh's mentor as an actor, but had previously played Hamlet himself with Patrick Stewart playing Claudius in a BBC production.