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“He seems to be going through a serious midlife crisis.

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Although Danielle brushes off such claims - 'It's so inaccurate, I'm friends with Nicole as well' - Crowe is clearly a man who requires delicate handling.

One man who knows the couple better than most - Danielle's father - has spoken about the relationship for the first time, to the Mail.

Danielle, in Sydney last week, was also happy to discuss babies - 'I'd like three, but maybe after I've had one or two I'll decide that's quite enough' - but less keen to discuss who the father might be.

'We're not engaged at the moment - (Russell and I) are just kind of hanging out and taking it as it comes, as anybody does.' As you'd expect from a Crowe plot, the love affair with Danielle is a complex and tumultuous story of epic proportions.

If gossip-mongers are to be believed, Russell Crowe could have walked down the red carpet at last night's Oscar ceremony with any one of Hollywood's leading ladies.

And, crucially, does she have what it takes to deal with his tantrums and posturing?

He reduced a girl to tears by swearing at her when she expressed her delight at seeing the star.

Indeed, there have also been reports of Danielle weeping at the Baftas after- show party in February - the occasion of his most oafish behaviour to date - because of Crowe's attentiveness to Nicole Kidman.

'Russell might not be everyone's cup of tea but he's always been fabulous to Danielle.' But is he husband material?

Mr Spencer hesitates: 'Look, I'm not supposed to talk about these things but I'd be happy if she married him.

Newly single “Gladiator” star Russell Crowe is striking out in the dating game, insiders told The National ENQUIRER.