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Adams dated August 25, 1838; photo James Adams; letter from Sam Curran Adams to Mary A. (Alabama US senator): an account of his death dated June 2, 1978. Anderson home: located at 1301 Main Avenue, an American bungalow design house built in the 1920s by Sidney Hugh Anderson.Maverick dated December 10, 1839; letter from Robert S. Maverick dated November 3, 1841; excerpts from The Daily Globe of Washington D. Maverick, San Antonio’s First American Woman; obituary for Mrs. Anders Family: photograph of the Anders Memorial located at Northport City Hall; FHN newsletter May 1, 2000 regarding James Anders (1887-1962); bio of James Burwell Anders (dob 1908); several news articles about Anders family activities and contributions to the community; history of the Adams home 312 Main Avenue; Anders genealogy material; funeral programs for family members; history of Anders Hardware Company; bio for Dr. In the late 1990s, the house was restored by Ted and Donna Hardin.

1914-18 Developed the Aviar lens for photographing from aeroplanes. Also contributed to the war by developing binoculars, bores for rifles and lenses for range-finders. 1932 The first Cooke zoom lens for cine photography. Workshop Projector and Lenses covering large fields. 1940 Taylor Hobson began to manufacture more accurate lenses, and realised the need for instruments that would measure the perfection of each lens.Engraving Machinery (with new type Cutter-Grinder) for Engraving Lettering and Designs on Metal Wood, Vulcanite, etc. Without anything else on the market, Taylor Hobson invented something themselves, the first Talysurfs and Talyronds, which led the inspection and measurement industry for years to come.Toolroom Microscopes, Alignment Telescopes and Projectors. Lenses for Cameras, Process Printing, Cine Projection and Radiography. A.1030) 1947 Acquired by British Optical and Precision Engineers, part of the J. 1947 One of the companies within the J Arthur Rank Organisationthat were involved in scientific research.Products included lenses, precision photographic shutters, optical instruments.— The listing of the following families and information about said individuals was gathered by the late Marvin Harper, historian par excellence of Tuscaloosa County, Alabama. Halbert was a Baptist preacher and died 1812 near North River.

Harper collected the material—newspaper clippings, genealogical records, photographs, personal correspondence and other materials—and filed it in folders which were stored in file cabinets in his home where it sat for decades. Jean, William Edmon, born in Fayette in 1820, married Tabithia Cordina Sanford—no other information. Poe, Major James—a veteran of the Revolutionary War is buried in the Newtonville community in Fayette County.

Therefore, lucky days are Wednesdays and lucky numbers are: 5, 14, 23, 32, 41 and 50. Typical positive character traits of Gemini include: Spontaneity, Brazenness, Action-orientation and Openness.

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1949 Talyrond 1 - the world’s first roundness measuring instrument invented but only 1 unit was made and used at Taylor Hobson's premises.

Customers had to send parts to Taylor Hobson to be measured. 1954 Talyrond 1 went into production after demands from customers.

1968 Acquired the optical company Hilger and Watts.