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When the customers started arriving, his enjoyment began to deflate. Even now, when he has lunch parties at home, he'd much prefer it if he could just cook, then go back into the kitchen."At Bibendum, there was a moment when it just all got too much. I'd chop my fingers off or something."Yet Bibendum's loss has been the domestic cook's gain.

I broke down, and was sobbing and sobbing and sobbing. I did finish service and carried on cooking until New Year's Eve that year. Two more books and a series of newspaper columns followed and now Hopkinson is now receiving the respect and accreditation he deserves.

He was just doing what Simon does, you know; eating and cooking with friends, poaching and filleting some zander, finishing it off with beurre blanc and wondering to himself: now, why can't I get this in more restaurants?

Then I did half the service and sat down in the restaurant and had dinner for the rest of the evening. In the kitchen of his west London flat, in the street where he has lived for 21 years, Hopkinson uncorks an excellent bottle of wine and slides a quiche lorraine from the oven on to the table.

It's perfectly cooked, of course, with a silky and wibbly interior. There are over 87,000 different drink combinations at Starbucks, according to the coffee retailer’s website. From flu remedies to Harry Potter-inspired beverages, we highlight the weird and the wonderful brews and infusions.

Stacking is still around and again that composite thing; lamb and mushrooms. You know, I think they don't love eating enough and they don't actually love cooking things enough. Ditto Terence Conran, who enticed Hopkinson away to be the launch chef at Bibendum in the old Michelin building when it opened in 1987.

That may be harsh and they certainly are all great technicians, but none of them have enough greed about food."On a visit to the Savoy Grill, now a part of the Ramsay empire with a kitchen headed up by Wareing, Hopkinson was appalled to find "they had put cumin in the mint sauce for the lamb. The years that followed were a bittersweet time for Hopkinson. He was the talk of the town, with customers such as Stephen Fry, Dirk Bogarde and Francis Bacon also becoming friends and customers.

Hopkinson's 1994 work, which is separated into chapters by ingredient headings such as Almonds, Duck, Lemons and so forth, was the outright winner.

The magazine's editor, William Sitwell, said this week: "Simon Hopkinson won because, ultimately, his recipes really work.

At one stage in his career, Hopkinson was perhaps fractured, but perhaps you have to suffer a little in life in order to properly understand what comfort and nourishment is all about.

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