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Don't miss this jovial and informative look into the mind of a man who is preparing to be a Dad! In PART ONE of this TWO PART series - I am VENTING!

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What makes him unique is that he is an academic by nature offering to us the history of human sexuality as well as the most current information we need to make conscious choices.

In this episode, I answer questions from a Just for Women listener who wrote in with concerns about Herpes.

Open yourself to provocative, cutting edge, experimental ideas on loving yourself more, healing relationships, understanding men, attracting what you desire, the new art of seduction and the evolution of love that will radically shift the way you date and relate. In this episode Relationship Expert Li Yana Silver gives us great insight into how to successfully navigate the sometimes difficult terrain of Modern Love (can you hear David Bowie).

We discuss what men want, need and feel in this nouveau world of relating with us women, as well as, the #1 thing men need in order to stay in any relationship.

(Go to to get the book immediately.)We delve into some uncomfortable topics so we can learn how to become friends with our fear.

We learn how to do something different than repeat the unconscious, automatic reactions we are used to.Sign up NOW for their FREE e Book on the *5 Non-Supportive Love Patterns* at Launch more.Wow, if you are looking for a pioneer in the modern women's movement (especially when it comes to sexuality) listen to THIS podcast straight away!A lot has changed since we last spoke with Tripp and now he is preparing to be a Daddy!In true form, Tripp's quick wit keeps me on my toes as he shares with us how he deals with going into "Hunter Mode", his Video Diary (how cute! Tripp shares with us with some great points to consider about men during this very tender time for both parents-to-be:1) Men need "Man Time" to blow off steam with other men.2) Have compassion: Men get scared too.3) Let him be your Partner as well as Caregiver - all caregiver is no fun for him.4) He is dealing with all unfinished "Dad issues."5) Build relationship with the baby together now.I also talk about some topics that are coming in 2010 where the theme is: RADICAL SELF CARE That Manifests Miracles!