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The rate of growth, which is expressed as increase per unit time, may give very different rates over different time spans, if it varies with different sized thalli, and, especially, with differing environments.

The time span can be predetermined and the size of thallus can be allowed for in the analysis of the data.

Following precise dating exposed it was around 6,000 years old.

In lichens, biomass increase is presumed to be manifest in an increase in linear dimension, area or weight, which are convenient to measure (Table 1). For a lichen, an increase in lobe length, or thallus diameter, may not exactly reflect increase in area or mass; conversely, biomass increase may, for example, occur without an increase in the apparent linear size of a lichen thallus (e.g.

a thallus confined in a mosaic may grow only in thickness).

The vertebrate paleontological data from the strata below the Tuff contradicted the original radioactive date.

The pigs found in that strata were from a younger time than the original radioactive date.

It was this Notice here that it is NOT the Radiometric Methods that are calling the shots, but rather the Geological Time Chart -- which is based on the theory of Evolution -- to which all Radiometric dates must bow down.

Therefore any radiometric date for dinosaur bones that is less than 65 m.y.The volcanic eruptions and underwater earthquakes lead to the massive waves.The tsunami which happened in 2004 was the result of the gigantic earthquake off Sumatra, which killed 2,30,000 people.Also, there is the possibility of getting affected, As tsunami washes the nearshore places.This can lead to getting back into their swamps and bays that dot the coast. Also, many victims who have survived in the 1998 tsunami.That is unless you've been to the Songkran Festival in Thailand.