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Photo: Getty Images When we rang Zachary Levi one morning, he was merrily sitting on a stoop near his NYC apartment. There's a puppy," he gushed into the receiver about a passerby (and pooch). When asked if people were bothering him, being a celeb and all out in daylight, he joked, "Nah, nobody knows who the hell I am.

He later stopped the call again to say hello to a little girl ("She's so cute! If anything they're like, 'Is that the guy from The Office?

The main reason that was for ending their relationship as he claims was the timing, which was bad for them.

The Former Zachary Levi girlfriend has changed her Facebook account immediately after their brake-up only leaving one picture of them spending the vacation together and lying in the beach, but in the picture they were doing different things, she was reading a magazine and Zachary was enjoying some snacks, but know even this will not happen because she is left alone and her page status is single again.

actor Joel David Moore, who was showing off some wicked tank top tan lines while going bodyboarding in the water.

It appears that the last important girl that has existed in Zachary Levi life was the former Zachary Levi girlfriend named Caitin Crosby.

One of the former Zachary Levi girlfriend friends stated that she was heartbroken after their brake-up, but maybe this was for good due to her carrier as a musician, because the source notes that right now she is writing great songs that once are going to be popular.

Further the singer did not had time to be sad for a long time, because she was going on tour in order to promote her new album.' It's a running joke among my friends." But if the masses (especially the ones who are attracted to men) don't know who Levi is, they will soon.The NBC Chuck star plays the leading lad in Broadway's newest rom-com musical, First Date, and he will also be on the big screen in Thor: The Dark World (out in November 2013).Thus it looks that this is not the first time that Zachary has tried to end his relationship with the former Zachary Levi girlfriend, because as one of his close friends state that the actor has tried before, but this time he was completely serious about it and he ended their relationship.Further, the source notes that in Zachary opinion if they are meant to be than in the future she will become Zachary Levi girlfriend again and if not than God must not want them to be together.He lost his mom when he was a kid and then his fiancée left him at the altar.